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Sampy is a digital product sampling platform. It helps you try product samples and make smart buying decisions. Sampy is made with You in mind.

We match product samples with your profile and show the matched samples for you to order. Then we deliver free samples to you by mail.

At the time of joining Sampy, you fill out a simple profile information form. Samples, which match your profile, are shown to you to choose from and order. Select the ones you want, click the Get Samples button and you are all set to get and enjoy sample/s, delivered free.

If you don’t see any samples that match your profile, do check back in few days. We add samples regularly. You can also take part in surveys and provide feedback on the samples you have tried.

If you know a friend or a family member who would like to get free samples to try, please share the link of this website with them.

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